About us

Baker Sawmill & Design is the fruition of a dream of Dan Baker, a lifelong woodworker with over forty years of carpentry and woodworking experience. Aware of the variation in quality wood from usual retail sources, and realizing that others have found the same to be true, he researched and found that Norwood Sawmills had a product whose specifications met his high technical and engineering standards. He assembled this 21 foot mill completely on his own, and thus is intimately familiar with every aspect and nuance of this amazing machine! Fully electronic and hydraulic in operation, the mill is easily operated and is capable of the precision cutting which woodworkers and builders expect but do not always receive, from traditional retail sources.

As a designer and a carpenter, Dan is aware of the importance of precision in planning and execution of any project. Customers and contractors attest to his attention to detail and his commitment to a thorough job, always well done. He carries that same ethic into his new business, and looks forward to this chapter in his lifelong love for Michigan and its wood.

Julia runs the business end of the operation, and Juno, our beloved Brittany, provides support by chasing chipmunks out of the log piles.

About the mill

  • Norwood Sawmill Band Mill 2020 Model Year
  • Can accommodate logs up to 36 inches in diameter
  • Can accommodate logs from 4 feet to 16 feet six inches in length
  • Fully hydraulic, fully electronically automatic
  • Automatic blade lubrication continuously cools the blade for smoother, more accurate cuts
  • Specific blades for a variety of wood species
  • Case 70 horsepower loader (2019) moves the logs onto the owner designed log deck which allows for precision prepping of logs prior to milling process.