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Everywhere we go, wood somehow influences our lives. Wood sits behind the scenes of our walls and supports the roof over our heads. We walk on wood floors, hold wood handrails and enjoy the beauty of exposed wood beams and millwork. We even view artwork displayed in wood frames. However, few people stop and take the time to wonder how sawmills process wood.

Despite enormous technological advancements, sawmills operate much the same way they have for hundreds of years. They just do it much more efficiently today. At Baker Sawmill & Design we are proud to supply high-quality blades and equipment to enhance the power and efficiency of a modern sawmill. 

All of our equipment is top-of-the-line so there won’t be any problems getting the job done quickly and efficiently every time. Plus, we offer free quotes before starting any work so there aren’t any surprises. 

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Michigan Trees, Michigan Made

Respectful Replanting

For every tree we harvest, we plant two young trees on a parcel in Van Buren County, Michigan. We are well aware of the abundance of natural resources which bless our state, and we realize our responsibility to reseed and replace that which we use in our sawmill business. We thank Wahmhoff Farms, a third generation tree farm in Van Buren County for providing the young trees we plant.
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